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The Transience of Time

The exhibition was a site specific collaboration between Ingeborg Annie Lindahl and Trond Lossius. 

Surnadal Billag, SBL Kunstfestival, Norway  12.-18.7.2021

Installation with chalk drawing on a black painted wall, coloured light projection and 6 channel soundscape: 3,5m x 15m. Duration: 31’ 06” (Looping).

Stereo version for headphone listening:

Link to sound:

Motif and field recordings are mostly from the wetland area in Surnadalsøyra, an edgeland between environmental concerns of importance to bird migrations, recreational areas, industry and landfills.


Supported by:

Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond


A collaborative across disciplines, dealing with the process of change and look into the cognitive and how experience is mutually influenced by changes in sound and reading of the visual. Capturing details of the chalk wall drawing, continuously changing as the hue of the monochrome light projected onto it changes.

Skjermbilde 2023-12-08 kl. 10.01.14.png

Photos: Trond Lossius

Photos: Jon Lindahl

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