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Photo: Ina Wesenberg

Death and life

The National Museum, I call it art 11.06 -11.09.2022 

Chalk on painted canvas

Size: 4,2m x 7,4m


"I Call it Art" takes the pulse of contemporary art in Norway today, with works by almost 150 artists and groups of artists.


Personal and challenging


The exhibition shows works that concern you and me, and that address important topics in society, such as identity, belonging, nationality and democracy. You may be surprised, provoked, happy, angry or moved. Or none of the above.


Have you ever wondered why some works of art make it into museums and others do not? "I Call it Art" explores this boundary between who is inside and who is outside the art world, and weighs established art against the alternative, the sterile against the personal, and the abstract against the banal.

Team of curators: Randi Godø and Geir Haraldseth

Photo: Trond Lossius


Photo: Marit V. Wulff Andreassen

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