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Perpetuum Hydra 

Telemark Kunstmuseum 2022

Chalk drawing on canvas and electrical tape, 4,2m x 7m

Curator Susanne Grina Lange

Perpetuum hydra_msoyler.jpg

Perpetuum Hydra tells the story of modern man's need for energy, and of the local power industry's adventures at the expense of nature. The title refers to our paradoxical relationship with nature, the role of technology in the environment and the value of nature. The motif is of Rjukanfossen, with reference to both art and industrial history. With a phenomenological approach, Lindahl takes the viewer into the drawing, into the landscape - a journey into our own understanding and the transience of art. She uses the site's architectural elements to enhance the spatial experience.


The work was made especially for the exhibition Human/Nature at the Telemark Art Museum.

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