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Just Breathe

Ås High School. Viken 2021.

Photo: Jon Gorospe / Viken county

The project's mission is to integrate the art experience with the architecture, 'sense of place' and nature on Ås. The background for the idea is the human need for oxygen, which can not be replaced by anything else. What happens when there is no more rainforest left to produce this oxygen? The forests absorb CO2, bind the carbon and produce oxygen through photosynthesis, but also through breaking down dead plants.


The motif for the work is inspired by both lungs as an organ, and oak on Kjerringjordet. The old oak is an identity-creating element because it towers to its physical extent in the flat landscape.


Humans have two lungs, and contribute to the absorption of oxygen in the blood and the removal of carbon dioxide. The largest branches in the trachea transport the respiratory air into the lungs, and the splitting of the bronchi has a certain resemblance to the branches of a tree. The intention of the work is to inspire reflection on the conservation of the world's forests in the fight against global warming.

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