Passing Passage - Cold edge

The National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. 2016

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SOUTHEAST ASIA + TRIENNALE OF ART is an exhibition of Indonesian and Southeast Asian artists as well as artists from the outside of Southeast Asia region that are specially invited. The exhibition 'ENCOUNTER: 
Art From Different Lands' is held by the National Gallery of Indonesia – Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture - Republic of Indonesia in particular to connect the growth of Indonesian art with the development of art in Southeast Asia region as the international art map changes constantly evolving. 

Changes in global world now produce a variety of structural changes and dramatic life experiences as well as differ from past times. The current global society is growing with confidence towards many potentials and possibilities created by the structure also regulation of the reality that is digital and virtual. Idea of the territorial of living area experience becomes relative as well as the meaning of time experience becomes chaotic, overlapping, and as if is it can easily be managed and manipulated. 

Contemporary art expressions fundamentally continue to seek and achieve an understanding guarantee about the living values of contemporary community who keeps growing and developing in all regions of the world these days. Our primary purpose is to promote the collaboration between professionals and artists in addition to the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of contemporary art.

​© 2016 by Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

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