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Passing Passage - Cold edge

SEA + Triennale 2016 At The National Gallery of Indonesia

Chalk on blackboard and acrylic 

Size wall: 4m x 8m + 4m x 1,2m, floor: 4m x 8m 

Supported by:

Photo: Jon Lindahl

Changes in global world now produce a variety of structural changes and dramatic life experiences as well as differ from past times. The current global society is growing with confidence towards many potentials and possibilities created by the structure also regulation of the reality that is digital and virtual. Idea of ​​the territorial of living area experience becomes relative as well as the meaning of time experience becomes chaotic, overlapping, and as if is it can easily be managed and manipulated. Contemporary art expressions fundamentally continue to seek and achieve an understanding guarantee about the living values of contemporary community who keeps growing and developing in all regions of the world these days.


The theme 'encounter' (meeting) for this exhibition intends to reconsider a life experience achieved directly, which is such a result filled by interactions and relations that involve awareness and body appreciation within space and time of the event that is direct. A direct encounter situation ensures the experience is authentic, measures an event as a state that involves awareness of the total body presence, reaches a possibility of present time as a limit that may be achieved by a person’s experience. An encounter does not only show the results collected and declared by the experience of an artist towards various events and experiences in his life path, but also imagines the results that may be achieved from an art expression which will be accepted by the public. Exhibition space becomes a part of the consciousness of each artist to bring the encounter experience which allows it to become a part of other parties (public), as well as reminds him of the life situation that is authentic and direct.

Curator - Rizki A. Zaelani

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