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Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst,  17.10-10.11.2019

HardingArt, Utne 07.05- 21.08.2016

Chalk drawing on blackboard  2,4m x 8,4m



Sørfjorden - sensing with thoughts

Lindahl - 2019 095-1.jpg

Photo: Amalie M. Selvik

Sørfjorden is a long side fjord to Hardangerfjorden, known for dramatic landscapes with mountains, fjords and fruit growing. This has attracted artists and tourists throughout the years. Less well known is that there are much more environmental toxins in the fjords into the sea. Contamination with lead, mercury, dioxins, cadmium and PCBs.


Contribute with perspective on and insight into shadowy aspects of culture and society, by playing on our longing for the beautiful and the ability to close our eyes to over-consumption of resources and littering.


(Pre-) lead the audience into nature with my temporary work, for example with the fact that I have distorted the perspective so that it is experienced as moving in the landscape to walk by the drawing. In contrast to Tideman and Gude's painting Brudeferden in Hardanger, I have removed all traces of human activity.

Inger_Lise_Hansen (1).jpg
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