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Devolution Crater

Nordic Artists' Centre Dalsåsen

Kunstlandskap Fjaler 2013.

Land Art, earth, wood and moss Size: D: 14m 

Photo: Alv Perez / Terje Nesthus

Devolution Crater_liten.jpg

Devolusjon Crater has its origin in my fascination for how asteroids can both be the source of destruction and creation of life. Through personal approach to the material used in the art piece I'd like to systematically inquire the sosio-political and natural frontiers in the landscape. Today it is widely accepted that it was the impact of a massive meteorite, which caused a global natural disaster, that led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. It might be less known that asteroids and comets are thought to be the source to all water found on earth, and also that it can be the origin of all organic matter on earth. I am inspired by how asteroids can give a situational picture of earth as we know it. The landscape goes through a transformation, it is both my material and tool to explore and understand reality. My aim is to spark that little bit of curiosity, to make people ponder; what is shaped by nature, what is shaped by man?


What is the value of an art piece that looks so much like the landscape that it might not be interpreted as an art piece? My artistic methods are inspired by cycles and circuits, and the piece is made with the ambition of planting the piece into the landscape to make it merge with nature. The art piece is an attempt to put our body in dialogue with the organic world that it belongs to. Our contradicting thoughts about nature influence our consciences concerning global challenges.


From the stars down to the cellular level, our species are part of the landscape.

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